About Tula Tzoras

Senior Instructor

Areti Tula Tzoras

CEO & Founder Tula Tzoras is an Author, Guest Speaker, personal and professional Mentor/Coach. Tula is also an Empath and Claircognizant. In her previous life, an Actor, TV Presenter and Film Maker. Experiencing trauma and panic attacks at a young age, she had to do something about it. This trauma impacted her wealth, health and relationships. Tula has been there. Her extraordinary life experience resulted in a lifetime of Personal and Spiritual Growth and training, giving Tula a well rounded education. Tula has spent a lifetime and a fortune studying. Now she shares a variety of the best methods gathered over time so that it doesn't take you a lifetime! She advocates that it takes a combination of techniques to free us to be All of who we Really Are! Hence, she has designed the Areti Goddess Events program to reflect that, as well as a host of Online Courses. Empowering women Personally and Professionally with the Mission to Change Statistics! Creating Entrepreneurs and Leaders! The Areti Goddess Online program boosts confidence, releasing blocks, accessing purpose & passion and shares how to start a business, especially Online.