• What is different about these Online Courses ?

    These multi media courses are jam packed with video, audio and bonus downloads, some including Guest Expert Tips. The are difference is, they provide exercises to remove blocks, employing a combination of methods and tips you can take away and practice, as well as valuable information with step by step instructions for your business.

  • Can I buy more than one course?

    Of course you can! You can purchase the courses you are interested in, or most of them together in the Areti Goddess Online Program, whichever is most cost efficient for you.

  • Do you offer ongoing support?

    When you purchase a course, you can book a Free Online Coaching Call or ongoing coaching, one on one, or in a group. To do that, just visit www.aretigoddessevents.com! Always here for you Goddess!

  • Can I contact you if I don't know how to do an exercise?

    Yes, you are most welcome! It is important that you put these tips to practice daily, as it takes time to make positive changes after a lifetime of conditioning. I am happy to help!

  • Will making changes make me uncomfortable?

    When we disrupt patterns or launch into something new, it is completely natural to experience some discomfort or even fear! Do not be alarmed. This is a sign you are on the right track! Stay with it and get in touch if you need support. You will learn that discomfort is a gift, shining a light to what needs to heal!


    My name is Tula Tzoras and I have empowered countless people to reach their goals. I am so passionate about empowering women to change our statistics, we deserve to take our rightful place, not as the woman behind the man, but as the Goddesses that we are! I have always been passionate about empowering people. For many years I worked on a global humanitarian project, in association with the UNMP. I have done a lot of volunteer community work. In 2016 I ran for the Seat of Sydney Federal Election, because a small party truly represented democracy, in my opinion. I also established Facebook pages and groups like Sustainable Solutions, How can I Help etc I began as a professional actor, TV presenter and film maker. I then became an Author and Public Speaker. On a personal level, I began experiencing panic attacks at a young age and trauma affecting my health, wealth and relationships. I had to do something about it. I have been there! That is when I launched into a lifetime and fortune on personal/spiritual growth and training, becoming a Mentor/Coach. My journey also taught me that I am an Empath and Claircognizant. I am able to focus on people and concepts having knowledge, foresight and inspiration, a helpful asset for the work I do. Similarly, I have foresight about the world. I wish you Amazing Success, Tula Tzoras

  • Why didn't this course work for me?

    Change takes time and practice. The benefit of having these online courses forever, is that you may refer to them often! If you find you don't practice the tips or put the information to use, you may benefit from a coach to keep you on track.